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01 Keynote Speaker - Prof Tan (right) with F T Liu

01 Keynote Speaker - Prof Tan (right) with F T Liu

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Prof Tan, Group CEO of SingHealth, Singapore delivered an inspiring presentation on his thoughts on "Better Healthcare Quality at Lower Cost - Is this a reality or a dream". He gave an outlook for healthcare in the 21st century:
- Healthcare is knowledge-intensive & talent intensive
- Healthcare is expensive
- Impact of Increased Life Expectancy

What was most exciting were his thoughts on the future:
- Prospective Medicine
- Customised Medicine for the individual
- Genomic Medicine and
- Adding Knowledge Management to the equation

F T Liu, Editor, iKMS, shared the findings from a study done with SGH to find out the Knowledge Portal Requirements for Nurses. Three areas were covered:
- Identifying what is needed and what is wanted
- Leveraging knowledge assets via a knowledge portal
- Establising a knowledge strategy